Making Memories

ImageOn our first camp-out last summer, I took along a journal and a file folder full of photos I’d pulled from different magazines. I took a simple composition book (99¢ at Target, sometimes half that during back-to-school sales) and pulled out all the pictures and words that looked like things that I would plan or hope for on our new adventures. Our first two trips, I wrote entries at the time, and then I lost the journal for several months among all my other journals and magazines and general stuff. A few weeks ago it magically re-appeared and I filled in the intervening dates and camping spots, allotting two pages per weekend trip. Now I just have to do a little mental time travel by looking at our photos from those trips.


Current magnet collection on stove hood

We collect magnets (when the parks have magnets – they don’t always) and our stove hood, the only magnetic place in the trailer, has been our collection spot. We’re trying to figure out the best place to mount a magnetic board, since there’s not a whole lot of room above the stove and we plan on collecting LOTS of magnets!

Our trip to Highlands Hammock is chronicled here. We’ve learned something new on almost every trip, so I hope to have lots to share.

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