Hillsborough River State Park

We first stayed at HRSP this past February. We reserved a pull-through site, only to arrive and find that the way it was configured, how we had to park to access the water and electric left the trailer door and awning on the opposite side of the trailer from the picnic table and fire circle. (Site 51-D, FYI.) Live and learn.

Pull-through site 51-D

Campsite 51-D

Steve built me a campfire, using all the skills he’s acquired in his more-than-a-decade of Boy Scout camping and leadering.

1st campfire HRSP 2014-02-22_19-39-26_684

1st campfire

And I had my first roasted marshmallow in I don’t know how long.

1st marshmallow roast

1st marshmallow roast

Fortunately, there were only a few marshmallow casualties.

Marshmallow casualties

Marshmallow casualties

Our trip this past weekend, though (Site #112 – much better), it was too wet for a campfire. Our site didn’t have standing water, but it was kinda muddy and the mosquitoes were relentless.

Not our campsite, thank goodness!

Not our campsite, thank goodness!

When I took Sophie for a quick walk, I noticed some of the other campers had planned ahead for the possibility of muddy ground.

Groundcover #2 HRSP 2014-07-19 17.02.35 Groundcover #3 HRSP 2014-07-19 17.02.44

Shoe scraper - "Only $10!" One fellow camper proudly showed me his new bootscraper, another thing we’ll want to get, I’m sure.

New bootscraper - "Only $10!"

New bootscraper – “Only $10!”

Since we’ve had all the rain lately, the water level was quite a bit higher.

canoe launch Feb. 2014

canoe launch Feb. 2014

Canoe launch #2 HRSP 2014-07-19 17.11.18

canoe launch July 2014

I thought this tree looked kinda interesting, sticking out from the bank parallel to the water. As soon as Sophie and I stopped for me to take this photo, though, the mosquitoes swarmed us and it was the only shot I could get.

horizontal tree / mosquito trap

horizontal tree / mosquito trap

The Camp Host whiteboard showed a Saturday night Campfire program. When I called the office for time/topic, the ranger told me it was a tram tour of Ft. Foster and the tram would pick me up at my campsite!



But that will have to wait for another post.

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