Marking Our Territory

When we walk around the campgrounds, I see people with cute string lights of things like palm trees or flamingos (we are in Florida, after all) and potted plants and little yard flags that say things like “Happy Campers – Welcome to the Smith’s Campfire” with cute little pictures of trailers or campfires or cute forest creatures roasting marshmallows. So, now I’m thinkin’ I want something like that, but a quick check of Amazon or a quick search for “camper flags” yields maybe a dozen designs, most of which I’ve already seen. I want something that is uniquely ours.

However, I do have a little trouble limiting the number of tabs I open up in when doing an internet search:

Too Many Tabs


Jennifer Jangles has a nice blog entry from this past spring about making curtains and an awning for her vintage camper. Since I made my camper privacy curtains from fleece so I wouldn’t even have to worry about hems, perhaps her projects are a bit ambitious for me. I do like her Happy Camper bag, though. Maybe I’ll check out her etsy site….

Pretty cute, huh?

Craftsy has some really cute quilting patterns relating to the outdoors, but not really for the outdoors. Moving on. doesn’t have anything to do with camping. But I like the home page.

Not a camping site, despite the url.

Not a camping site, despite the url.

Snuginadub has a fun Facebook page, but they’re UKers, and camping is really quite different over there. Fun, but not much I can use.

I know a lot of people really like Pinterest, but when I find something on a pinterest board (site? pinup?) that I like, I click on it only to find another pinterest board full of things that are linked to other pinterest boards, and trying to find the original source for anything is like wandering through a carnival funhouse trying to figure out which passage is real in a maze of glass walls and mirrors. Now I have a Pinterest headache. And nothing to show for it.

Maybe I’m being too specific in my search for camping flags. This site has lots of different garden flags.

Owls, maybe?

And I like this one from Amazon:

Not even a harvest owl.

I’m still thinking about creating my own, but maybe this one will do for a start.

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